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About Us

I am Balca, mum of an 8 year old daughter and wife to a lovely husband who puts up with my cleanliness and health related obsessions.

I am passionate ­­about having the best ingredients in everything I use and the good look I crave - which came to play when I needed a nicer solution to clean our hands that is good for you and small enough to carry in my clutch bag.

During the lockdown, the most used item apart from my jogging bottoms was the cleaning products especially the hand sprays. I sprayed everything that came home from the supermarket, Amazon... and ended up with cracked, sore, wrinkly dry hands. Ouch! Sound familiar?

I couldn't find anything that was effective enough, would smell nice, feels good with no stickiness and hydrates - so I decided to do it myself. Absolutely loved the process of creating a clean solution for myself and the family, I am so looking forward to sharing it with all of you.

The little spray bottles are in every bag I use (of course colour co-ordinated to each bag), as well as my coat pockets just in case I pop out without my bag. I mentioned about my cleanliness above, right? ;) I love using it as an air freshener and for cleaning my phone and iPad screen.

My daughter absolutely loves it and is so proud of the spray pens in particular. A sad but necessary addition to all pencil cases and the way we live.

I think she is secretly proud of herself as she helped me a lot with her little creative ideas. How cute are they demonstrating how to fill the spray pens? 


Hope you enjoy using it as much as we do.